How to Scrape Websites

If you’ve needed to extract information from a website, and ended up copy and pasting data from the webpage to your spreadsheet, you probably should have been scraping anything that took more than 2 minutes. Scraping a website is particularly useful if you need information in mass – such as scraping a competitor to find gaps and […]

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Optimizely Google Tag Manager Google Analytics

Implementing Optimizely with Google Tag Manger and Google Analytics

Using Optimizely and Google Tag Manager While you can do a lot with Google Tag Manager, you can’t load Optimizely via Google Tag Manager unfortunately. This is because Optimizely needs to be loaded synchronously in the head section and Google Tag Manager does not support synchronous loading. Pragmatically this means that Optimizely won’t integrate well

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SEO Bookmarklets

There are a lot of SEO tools out there that don’t do anything you couldn’t do on your own, but help you do something more efficiently. This is the category that bookmarklets fall into. Sure, they aren’t giving you added insight, but they make you more efficient! If you want to know what the canonical

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