WP Custom Category Pages Plugin

Add Content to Your Category Pages

If we’re honest, WordPress category pages aren’t that great – both for users and for search engines. I love WordPress, but it’s true. They aren’t very useful to users and they create thin, duplicate content for search engines, which is why most SEO’s recommend noindexing category and tag pages.

WP Custom Category Pages fixes this problem by allowing you to completely revamp your category pages, converting them from thin lists of posts to robust and valuable landing pages. This plugin will turn your category pages into user friendly landing pages by:

  • Making it easy to add content
  • Enabling you to enter custom headlines (h1 tags)
  • Enabling you to optimize your page titles for SEO
  • Removing duplicate content by removing post snippets
  • Allowing users to search through your post archives 2.5x faster
  • Reducing pagination for users and search engines
  • Allowing you to choose which pages use WP Custom Category Pages

Download the plugin here from WordPress.org.

Download WP Custom Category Pages

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Right now the plugin is pretty bare bones, I wanted to get it out the door, there is a lot I’d like to do with it though. Some of these items include:

  • Tricky Titles – Right now the title output will only work with themes that are formatted properly; this wwill let it work with all themes
  • Turn on/off post snippets
  • Include tag pages
  • Modify rel canonical
  • Change meta robots to noindex