Posts & Presentations

I contribute to several SEO blogs and have given several presentations at different events and conferences – Below are some of my favorites. You can view all of my SEOmoz posts here and all of my Distilled posts here.


Optimize Your Brand – Search Love San Diego 2013
Stop Wasting Money on Link Building – Distilled Live
Blog Networks, Penguins, & Link Building
WordPress SEO


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Link Building for eCommerce Sites – Targeting the Right Anchor Text (SEOmoz)
Finding Outreach Targets With Competitive Research (Distilled)
SEO For User Generated Content (Distilled)
Deployment SEO Strategy and Checklist (SEOmoz)
Finding Link Opportunities With Advanced Search Queries (Distilled)
5 Sources of Links for Local Businesses (Search Engine Journal)
Creating a Link Building Dashboard (Search Engine Journal)
Identifying Quick Wins (Search Engine Journal)
A Tactical Guide to Onsite SEO Best Practices (Experts Exchange)
The Future of Infographics (Search Engine Journal)