Last night I spoke at the Distilled meetup – the core of my message was that in order to improve link building efficiency, we need to focus on high value sites rather than sending lots of spammy emails. We need to focus on the high quality sites because they have influence, which I defined as visibility + credibility. Even if Domain Authority scores are close, it is influence which really separates mid and high value sites.

By getting on influential sites, we’re able to scale our link building by getting more eyes on whatever creative piece or brand we’re promoting. This will build more links in a shorter amount of time than any ‘scalable’ outreach.

Here are the tools I reference in the presentation:

Search Metrics
Open Site Explorer
Scrape Similar Plugin
Shared Count – Just add a plus sign to the end of a URL and hit enter to see click through data. Ex: >>>

Slides below.

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