Learn | Curated Online Marketing Resources

This is a list of posts/resources that I refer to or have found really insightful.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Adwords Keyword Planning Tool
Keyword Research: Keyword Opportunity Tool
Building Your Own Scraper
How to Build Agile SEO Tools
SEObook Keyword Generator Tool
Keyword Difficulty Tool – SEOmoz
SEO Consultants Header Checker
SEObook HTTP Status Checker
Robots.txt Tool -SEObook
SEOmoz Custom Crawl Tool
SEObook Spider Tool
Open Site Explorer
Visualize Linkscape Data
Link Finder – SEOmoz
SEObook Link Suggest Tool
Link Harvester – SEObook
SEOmoz Toolbar
SEObook Toolbar
Youtube backlink embed tool
Search Metrics
Follower Wonk